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APHEDA Dinners and dates for your diary

A record attendance for the Sydney Dinner, a great trivia night in Brisbane and more to come … the inaugural WA APHEDA dinner in October and a long anticipated Melbourne dinner in November.

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Myanmar’s Salween River is NOT FOR SALE

With the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef weighing heavily on the minds of many Australians, you could be forgiven for not having noticed the threat looming over Myanmar’s Salween River – another of the world’s great environmental treasures. The Salween River...

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Crackdown on Students in PNG

University students in Papua New Guinea, who organised widespread protests calling on Prime Minister O’Neill to stand aside and face corruption charges, have again become the target of a ruthless crackdown – this time by their university.

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What’s happening in Victoria?

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA was delighted to present at the Victorian Biannual ETU Delegates’ Conference and screen a short video created by Indonesian Asbestos Campaigners and the Sydney Branch of the MUA. ETU Delegates responded with a massive show of solidarity for the...

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