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Workers Rights are Human Rights
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Introduction to International Labour Standards
The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is the specialised UN agency that promotes social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights. The ILO was created out of the need for an independent, international organization to ensure that economic development and globalisation did not progress at the expense of the basic, fundamental human rights....

Trade-labour Linkage and the World Trade Organisation: potentials and pitfalls
Our world has arguably reached a level of social and economic integration never before seen in human history, with increased standards of living for many in northern industrialised countries and for a select few in developing countries. ...

Global Teaching Industry Comparative
Teachers all over the world are facing the same issues: overcrowded classrooms, low pay caps, lack of resources and funding. In Australia, the ability to organise and bargain collectively allows teachers to form strong unions to fight for and protect their rights at work....

Global Manufacturing Industry Comparative
The manufacturing industry is one of the world’s largest, and plays a critical role in developing countries. Countries like Fiji, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China rely heavily on income generated by exports and trade of manufactured goods, particularly textiles....

Global Nursing Industry Comparative
Globalisation not only affects the trade of manufactured goods, but also has implications for the movement of people and professionals. Like all workers, healthcare professionals in developing countries seek fair pay and opportunities for themselves and their families....

China and The Race to the Bottom
With a workforce of 750 million people, China is the new global workhorse. Though a single-party Communist state, China’s economy is market-driven, and trade with China is a trillion dollar industry....

Workers Rights are Human Rights Resources
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