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Become a Global Justice Partner

Make Life Fair Everywhere Help people in developing countries by making a regular commitment to the long-term struggle for justice, human rights, education, training and development.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA believes it is no longer possible to protect workers' rights in one country, while in neighbouring countries with whom we trade, workers face exploitation and sweatshop conditions.

The fight for workers' rights in one country has to be a fight for workers' rights in every country.

At the very heart of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA's overseas development endeavours is empowerment and self-determination. Union Aid Abroad strives for decent work for women and men in developing countries in two ways:

1. Skills training: Training is provided for women and men so that they can enter the labour market and get fairly paid, permanent, healthy, socially useful and full-time jobs, which earn a sufficient income for the basic needs of them and their families.

2. Strengthening workers rights: Every human being living on this planet has a right to earn a decent income and work under reasonable conditions. Every human being has a right to dignity. Through strengthening trade unions, by fighting child labour and forced labour Union Aid Abroad works to achieve this.

What does making life fair mean?

Making life fair means educating workers about labour rights, organising, collective bargaining, the role of civil society, free media and democratic trade unions. Making life fair means facilitating empowerment and self-determination of people in developing countries. Making life fair is being committed to social justice and international solidarity. Making life fair is about acting to ensure that every human being has decent work and is treated with dignity.

When you become a Global Justice Partner you make monthly pledges (minimum $10) by credit card or direct debit through your bank account. Your donations are tax deductible.

As a Global Justice Partner you will receive:

  • Annual updates on the development projects you are supporting
  • Invitations by email to Union Aid Abroad presentations and special events
  • A copy of our annual report
  • Access to information on a range of critical global development issues
  • Free Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA membership
How to join the Global Justice Program

  • Credit card online You can join up as a regular donor using our secure online donation form (Part A of the form). Click here

  • Download and print form If you would like to download and print a form for credit card or direct debit payments please click here to download form

  • Or call 1800 888 674

  • Contact our Sydney office for more information.

Your support will help continue the fight to eradicate poverty and acheive human rights for our partner communities around the world.

All donations above $2 to our overseas projects are tax deductible.

Download File:
Global Justice Program Membership Form to Print and Post [ pdf ]
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