Latest Appeal – fight for climate justice and energy democracy

Dec 10, 2017

Climate JusticeCommunities in our region need our help.

The impacts of the climate crisis are unbalanced and unjust. Vulnerable communities across our region bear the brunt.

Last year, Black Lung Disease killed Kenneth, a six-year-old boy from Happyland community in the Philippines. Happyland is just one of many urban poor communities in our region that needs our help. In late 2014, Rock Energy Corporation seized common farmland to store massive piles of coal. For the past three years, everything and everyone in the Happyland community has been covered in a fine layer of coal dust. Those who live and work there are being exposed to dangerous levels of mercury, nickel, cadmium and arsenic. Health and community organisations have reported numerous coal-related deaths. Neighbourhood vitality and livelihoods have been destroyed due to harmed livestock and produce.

In response, the community has been organising and demanding action. But communities like Happyland need our help.

The global trade union movement can help. Powerful and effective trade unions across the Asia-Pacific region can and must lead a swift transition to a cleaner energy future. Public and community ownership of renewable energy systems is viable. Unions and communities around the world are challenging the privatisation of energy and taking the power back. We must stand together to fight for climate justice and energy democracy.

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