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Remembering the Balibo Five and Roger East

As we approach the 42nd anniversary of the deaths of the Balibo Five on October 16, 1975, we pay tribute to these journalists and their colleague Roger East who was also murdered in Timor Leste that same fated year.

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APHEDA People: Meet Saina Tomi

This month we spoke with Saina Tomi, an Organiser for Samoa First Union (SFU). SFU was formed in June 2015 and is the first private sector union in Samoa.

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APHEDA People: Meet Tim Nelthorpe

This month we spoke with Tim who participated in APHEDA’s Thai-Myanmar Border Study Tour in 2012. In 2016, Tim returned to Myanmar where he was invited to train workers from a number of industries in Yangon with Action Labor Rights (ALR).

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