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Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA and the Environment
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Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA and the Environment


A great deal of human activities and development impact upon the environment. Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s Policy on the Environment defines the environment as everything that “directly impacts upon the life support systems on which people rely for their survival and development.” The fact that Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has many past and current projects which have an environmental base reflects Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s commitment to ecologically sustainable development.

Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA'S Policy on the Environment

Within the Policy on the Environment, the concept of sustainable development supports the inter-relationship between people and the natural environment while maintaining future options through conservation of natural resources and biological diversity. Sustainable development is important because it addresses both the immediate and long term needs of people involved (and broader humanity) recognising that the available natural resources are finite whilst improving the livelihood of those involved now and in the future. It implies inter-generational equity in resource use, as well as the cautious use of, or finding alternatives for finite resources (such as oil) and the wise stewardship of renewable resources (such as soil, water, forests and marine life). This emphasis on long term solutions to problems assists communities become self sufficient and independent, thus reducing or removing the future need for aid from wealthy countries. Development support provided by Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is used to foresee and avoid environmental difficulties and to assist communities to administer the natural resources that effect their daily life. Recognition that women and indigenous people have cultural responsibilities which influence their relationship and responsibility for the natural and cultural environment also exists and their input is actively encouraged.


In order to put these policies into practice, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA supports projects which provide knowledge and skills for ecologically sustainable development for individuals, and organisations or groups who are marginalised (including refugees). Recipients of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA funding participate in the expression of their needs and rights in determining the quality of their environment.
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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA and WALHI-Friends of the Earth Indonesia
In Indonesia, one of Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA’s partner organisations is WALHI Friends of the Earth Indonesia. It is a group of non government and community organisations which stands up for and protects Indonesia’s local communities and natural environment from injustice which occurs as a result of economic development. It promotes social transformation, people’s sovereignty, socially just environmental management, sustainability of life and livelihoods....
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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA in the Pacific
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA is also involved in sustainable agriculture in the Pacific region. Since 2002 Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has been partners with the Melanesian Farmers First Network (MFFN), a community based farmers organisation in the Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. ...
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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA in East Timor
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has also been involved in agricultural projects within East Timor. Knua Buka Hatene (KBH) is the local partner organisation in East Timor whose vision is to create a society based on equality, justice, solidarity, prosperity and progress. ...
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Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA in mainland Asia
Union Aid Abroad-Apheda is involved in projects in South East Asia, specifically in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and along the Thai/Burma border. ...
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Some other past programmes
Other programmes Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA has been involved with include a reforestation programme and a mangrove rehabilitation programme in Cambodia. In the past, mangrove trees were removed for fire wood. Replacement of the mangroves assists minimise erosion of the river banks and mud flats where the mangroves grow....
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Tackling the global economic and environmental crises - 12 May 2009
The immediate causes of the global economic crisis lie in the US banking system, but the longer term causes arise from policies implemented by governments around the world over the last thirty years. ...
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Global Financial Crisis? – Nothing new for people in developing countries - 02 February 2009
The most newsworthy item of 2008 was undoubtedly the collapse of the financial markets. Though beginning in the USA , the crisis quickly spread through the industrialized world, and then on to key developing countries....
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