Latest Appeal – Asbestos

It’s hard to believe but around the world people are still exposed to deadly asbestos every single day. While some people profit from asbestos, others die.

All over Asia people are exposed while just trying to make a living – all kinds of workers are exposed and children collect and trade asbestos scraps. People are exposed in their homes – their roofs are tiled with asbestos because asbestos is durable and ‘cheap’. Factory workers breathe in asbestos dust and take it home on their clothes.

Asbestos is killing people across Asia and illegally imported asbestos is regularly detected in Australia.

The World Health Organisation says the way to eliminate asbestos related diseases is to see asbestos banned and eradicated. Everywhere.

People are organising. People are active. We need to secure funding for our workplace and community organising strategy in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. We need to be able to link all our work together – because we know that together, we can winChip in and help us support workers and communities who are tackling asbestos.

Donations of $2 and over to APHEDA’ s Overseas Project Fund Account are tax deductible.


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